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Just A Great Moment

Actors Charles Baker & Lydia Mackay

Location, Location, Location

It’s not how good you are.  It’s how good you beg, borrow and barter.  The benefit of shooting in Dallas is that many businesses, law firms, restaurants, etc. will open their doors and let filmmakers have free range inside their walls.  In return, all they ask for is a courteous cast & crew, a “special thanks” credit at the end of the film and of course, unlimited free beer at the opening-night party. (Just kidding about the last one)

Case in point… Forest Park Medical Center pratically gave us the scalpel to its operating room. The hospital in North Dallas provided us access to an empty patient’s room, an office and a nurses’ station. The medical center also opened an entire wing so we could shoot a key “group therapy” scene. Many thanks to the fine doctors, nurses and staff at Forest Park. Anyway… here are some photos from our film shoot inside the hospital.

A Few Photos From Day One of Shooting

Susana Gibb: A Million Viewers And Counting

Did you watch game five of the NBA finals?  Of course you did.  We can tell from all those big smiles walking around town.  During the game (if you live in Texas where our movie was shot), you may have seen a TXU Energy commercial featuring rattlesnakes.  That commercial also features “Odds or Evens” actor, Susana Gibb who plays the role of Lisa, the neighbor.

The ad was shot in February and it puts Susana right in the middle of the “Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup.” Okay, not exactly in the middle of the roundup.  It’s a commercial. You get the gist.

Anyway… according to the Neilsen Ratings, the heart-pounding, nail-biting games between the Mavs and the Heat are drawing anywhere from a million to 1.7 million viewers per game in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone.  So if our calculations are correct, Susana now has over a million fans who can’t wait to see her in our upcoming film.

Susana Gibb: A Commerical Success

Lydia Mackay: Here, There, Everywhere

Lydia Mackay is arguably one of the hardest working actors in Texas.  Whether in film or on the stage, Lydia is constantly performing and constantly impressing audiences and critics alike.  Let’s face it, the Dallas Observer doesn’t hand out “Best Actress” nods to just anyone.  Still don’t believe us?  Well… during the first two days of shooting “Odds or Evens,” Lydia was on the set bright and early at 8:00 am.  After four grueling hours in the heat, she hopped in her car and headed straight to rehearsal for a local play she’s performing in.  You see, Lydia is a pretty darn good stage actor as well.

But wait… her day was far from over.  After nearly five hours of theater rehearsal, Lydia jumped back in her car and returned to the set of “Odds or Evens” for yet another four hours of filming.  Day three of our shoot was no picnic for the talented actress either.  Lydia banged out nine straight hours of filming (half of that in 95 degree heat) and then jetted of to yet another four-hour theater rehearsal. No complaints, no whining, no problem.  Just one stellar performance after another from one the film’s lead actors.

Oh… did we mention she also teaches acting at TCU.

A Window Into Lydia Mackay

Lovely Weather For A Sleigh Ride Together

This was our first film where we had access to all the bells & whistles (dollies, cranes, green screen).  So what do we do?  We jump on a hospital bed on wheels and roll camera.  The video includes actor Bob Hess as the doctor in the lab coat.  The “bed sled” team consists of Jeff Adair on camera, Troy Larkins on lights, actor Charles Baker helping out on the right, director Jay Gormley navigating on the left and Andrew Taylor (also in a lab coat) pulling from the rear.

Making Myself Idiot Proof

I’ve discovered the best way to improve as a director is to admit I have a lot to learn.  The next logical step is to surround myself with talented people.  With “Odds or Evens”, I was able to do just that.  The guys from Ludus Studios brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of cinematography, lighting and sound.  Our stellar cast was flawless.  And of course, our hard-working crew never lost their passion for the project.  In other words… I surrounded myself with people who made me “idiot proof.”  That ain’t easy to do!

Jay Gormley- Director/Co-writer

Shooting on the 7D

IMDB Features Our Own Charles Baker

That’s right! Today on IMDB Pro, sitting above a story about J.J. Abrams, is a picture of and story about “Odds or Evens” star and Fort Worth resident, Charles Baker! Charles couldn’t tell us much about the film he shot with Terrence Malick, but he did tell us a few good behind the scenes stories. He hopes his appearance in the Malick project along with the character he plays in “Odds or Evens” will help open doors for him. We chose Charlie because the lead role of Travis is the complete opposite of the strung-out drug dealer he plays in “Breaking Bad.” We believe our project and the Malick film will certainly help Charlie achieve his goals, but regardless, we know that he gave us a tremendous performance in “Odds or Evens.”

Click here for the story that IMDB references.

That’s A Wrap!

Well…we finished shooting yesterday! It was an uber hot day and we shot outside for the first half. But just as bad as being outside is being inside and having to turn off the air conditioner for sound purposes. Yes, we had to do that. Special thanks to Jason and Kelly Whitely because it was their A/C that we shut down which caused the temperature to rocket up to around 90 indoors. It’ll make you sleepy. Jason and Kelly’s house was just one of our many great locations. We’ll let you know more about the others as we update our site.

Odds or Evens Director, Jay Gormley

We have lots of people to thank and many stories to tell about the 2 weekends when we shot “Odds or Evens.” We will be sharing lots of things with you, be it from me, Jay, Dave, or Jeff. There are loads of photos to be viewed, videos to be posted and work yet to be done. Sure, we’ve finished shooting, but we’re not even halfway there yet.
John Venable

Director’s heads often explode during actual filming.