Lydia Mackay: Here, There, Everywhere

Lydia Mackay is arguably one of the hardest working actors in Texas.  Whether in film or on the stage, Lydia is constantly performing and constantly impressing audiences and critics alike.  Let’s face it, the Dallas Observer doesn’t hand out “Best Actress” nods to just anyone.  Still don’t believe us?  Well… during the first two days of shooting “Odds or Evens,” Lydia was on the set bright and early at 8:00 am.  After four grueling hours in the heat, she hopped in her car and headed straight to rehearsal for a local play she’s performing in.  You see, Lydia is a pretty darn good stage actor as well.

But wait… her day was far from over.  After nearly five hours of theater rehearsal, Lydia jumped back in her car and returned to the set of “Odds or Evens” for yet another four hours of filming.  Day three of our shoot was no picnic for the talented actress either.  Lydia banged out nine straight hours of filming (half of that in 95 degree heat) and then jetted of to yet another four-hour theater rehearsal. No complaints, no whining, no problem.  Just one stellar performance after another from one the film’s lead actors.

Oh… did we mention she also teaches acting at TCU.

A Window Into Lydia Mackay


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