Stars of Odds Or Evens Stumble Into God’s Pub

Actor Bob Hess eyes his fate in God's Pub

July 6, 2011 – Before they were nailing their roles on the set of “Odds or Evens”, Susana Gibb, Bob Hess and Lydia Mackay were stumbling into God’s Pub.  As part of their long and impressive resumes, the three actors star in the short film, appropriately named, “God’s Pub.”  The film, which premiered in April, was written and directed by Jay Gormley.  Jay also co-wrote and directed “Odds or Evens.”

God’s Pub will screen Monday night, July 11 at 8:00 at the Angelika Theater located at Mockingbird Station in Dallas.  The screening is one of three films showing at TexFest sponsored by the USA Film Festival.  Although the press release says tickets are $10, the cost to see God’s Pub is only $5, because it’s only 15-minutes long.  Tickets are available at the door. Check out the trailer.

After the film, there will be Q & A with the cast and crew.  By the way, Charles Baker, who stars in “Odds or Evens”, has confirmed that he will attend Monday’s screening of God’s Pub. So if you’re a fan of the TV show, “Breaking Bad”, come say hi to Skinny Pete.  He’s Charles’ character on the show.

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