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Actors Charles Baker & Lydia Mackay

That’s what I thought after watching the latest cut of “Odds or Evens”. Jay and I have been making short films for about 10 years now and this is, without a doubt, the best thing we’ve ever done. Period.

It looks amazing…the revelation of DSLR cameras (we used the Canon 5D and 7D) is an absolute game changer. I used them on my short “Elevator Ride” and was knocked out by the images, but that took place in one setting. “Odds or Evens” has an equal number of scenes inside and outside and several different locations…and they all look fantastic! Kudos to the Ludus boys, Jeff Adair & Dave French and our long-time shooter Troy Larkins! Awesome…just awesome.

And the acting? Stellar. Charlie Baker is going to open some eyes with his performance that is such a 180 from what we’re used to seeing on “Breaking Bad”. He’s subtle, warm, and is just great to watch on screen. And Lydia…well, she had me all welled up and ready to cry at the end while watching a rough cut with no music and no final audio! Everybody came prepared and nailed it.

We’re still in post production, but are now trying to get things finished up as quickly as possible so we can start entering some select festivals soon. Can’t wait to show the film to all of our IndieGoGo contributors and the cast/crew at our private screening. Still don’t know when that will be, but it’s gonna be a great night!

– John Venable

From Music To Film

Director of Photography, Jeff Adair

Jeff Adair’s brain is always jumping from one place to another.  But that’s exactly what a film needs from its Director of Photography.  While Jeff is framing up one shot, his mind is already two shots ahead.  In film, there’s no such thing as overshooting.

The last thing an editor should ever say is, “I wish I had this shot, or if I only had this cut-away.”  Jeff made sure those words were never spoken during the editing process.

You see, before Jeff took the plunge into filmmaking, his expertise was honed in the world of music videos. In fact, Jeff is still doing quite well in the industry.  Check out his videos.

It’s proof that a mind that races tends to finish first in the creative process.