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Sundown Blog Posts Sunny Review Of Odds Or Evens

Our friends and co-producers at Ludisian Legion Entertainment sent a copy of “Odds or Evens” to a colleague at Lions Gate Entertainment.  She also contributes to a blog called “Sundown United Magazine,” based in L.A.  Our film was passed along to two movie reviewers who write for the blog and this is what they had to say.

“Are you not entertained?” quoting a line of one of my favorite movies “Gladiator” with Russell Crow (when he was cool) appropriately with a slant smile and smug look on my face of “I told you so!”, as my friend and fellow staff writer Omar Chavez’s mouth drops to the amazingly written conclusion of Odd or Evens “No way!” he exclaims. The same time Jordan (writer of Hale! Down To The Reel – LA life and Films) emailed me asking, “Who are these guys? Who filmed this?”

Click here to read the rest of both reviews.