Odds or Evens Takes Final Bow With Best of Fest Award


That’s all folks! Odds or Evens ended its festival run with two big awards. It won Best Drama and the grand prize, Best Overall Film at the 2014 Shorts Showcase Film Festival in Palm Springs.

When it was all said and done, our film took home four awards during its two years on the festival circuit.

– Best Overall Film:  Shorts Showcase
– Best Drama:  Shorts Showcase
– Best Community Short:  Oak Cliff Film Festival
– Honorable Mention:  Taos Shortz Film Festival

Thank you so much to our family and friends who supported the film. Special shout outs go out to our talented actors and amazing crew.

With that, we’re putting Odds or Evens to bed. However, you can always watch it here. That’s a wrap!

2014 Laurel Wreath- Overall FEstival Winner-Odds or Evens     2014 Laurel Wreath- drama-cc Winner - Odds or Evens



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  1. Well done Jay. Well deserved. A pleasure to meet you. Rupert Macnee.



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