“Odds or Evens” is a short film directed by Jay Gormley. A star athlete is down on his luck, until a bizarre twist of fate offers a second chance. In his search for redemption, he makes one discovery too many.

Actor Charles Baker (Breaking Bad’s Skinny Pete) stars as Travis; a former marathoner who attempts to help a distraught woman, Karen, overcome her tragic past. Lydia Mackay (Dallas Observer’s 2008 Best Local Actress) plays the role of this single mother who seeks the meaning of forgiveness.

We knew Charles and Lydia would do a great job as our lead actors, but to see their chemistry and ability to emotionally draw us into every scene was an absolute joy. We believe both eye-opening performances will show the true range of these gifted actors. Kudos to the rest of our cast who were simply pitch perfect. We could not have been more pleased with their stellar performances.

“Odds or Evens” is the sixth short film that Jay Gormley and John Venable have made together. They also collaborated on John’s 2008 feature, “Karma Police”.  Signing on with John and Jay as producing partners of “Odds or Evens” are Dave French and Jeff Adair of Ludisian Legion Entertainment. Dave and Jeff are veterans of the music video industry and are now branching out into the world of film. The Ludus team brought a professional production expertise that truly enhanced this story of redemption and forgiveness. The film was funded by the generous support of family and friends and we thank everyone who believed in this project.

Click here to visit the IMDB page for “Odds or Evens.”

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