Charles Baker  (Breaking Bad, Temple Grandin, Splinter)
Lydia Mackay  (The Playroom, Language of a Broken Heart, God’s Pub)
Christian Wikoff (Language of a Broken Heart, The Death of Socrates, Good Guys)
Bob Hess  (Good Guys, Prison Break, Karma Police)
Yolonda Williams  (Friday Night Lights, Lone Star, RoboCop)
Susana Gibb (Earthling, The Other Side of Paradise, Inspector Mom)
John Venable  (Friday Night Lights, Elevator Ride, Zero One)
Jason Kane (Good Guys)


Jay Gormley – Director/Co-Writer/Producer
John Venable – Casting Director/1st Assistant Director/Co-Writer/Producer
Jeff Adair – Director of Photography/Producer
Dave French – Sound Engineer/Producer
Troy Larkins – Camera Operator/Associate Producer
Tobias Duenzl – 2nd Assistant Director/Associate Producer
Trey Walpole – Musical Score
Andrew Taylor – Script Supervisor
Adam Schmidt – Production Assistant
Jason Acton – Production Assistant
Laurel Whitsett – Production Assistant
Robin Gormley – Production Assistant
Harrison Perkins – Production Assistant

If you wonder where things like craft services, makeup, location scouts, or catering are, well…we all did a little bit of everything. As is the case with all of our films, everyone wears several hats and we are all production assistants or interns at one point or another. Whatever it takes to get the job done!

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