A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who contributed. Like the Karate Kid… you’re the best! Some chose to remain anonymous, but we love y’all just as much. Here are our valued contributors:

Richard Ambrosino
Cole Campbell
Vicki Cheatwood
Lauren Combs
Gary & Lisa Dews
Keiland Goffigon
Jennifer Gormley
Tom & Alnita Gormley
Steve Harding
Kyle Kromer
David Lewis
Brian Mast
Kevin Malooly
J.P. Miller
Frank Mosley
Ronald & Karen Nirenberg
Rob Roden
Grant Stinchfield
John Strange
Kelly White
Jason & Kelly Whitely

To the agencies and local businesses who made this film possible… a big THANK YOU to you as well.

Automotive Safety Council


The Elbow Room

Forest Park Medical Center

New Life Medical Equipment

Trophies, Inc.

Vietnam Restaurant

  1. It was a pleasure working with you all! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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